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In the Lebanon travel directory you will find information and links that will help you to plan and prepare your trip to this country. Always read the travel warnings for Lebanon from the US Department of State or the travel advice from the British government before you book a vacation. The governments provide travel tips and up to date information on safety and health issues, tourist traps and culture. You will find more tips on travel in our general travel directory. Look here for links to maps & route planners, time zones and travel & health.


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Most people only know Lebanon from the Lebanese Civil War and the attack on Rafiq Bahaa Edine Hariri on the 12th of february 2005. The disorder in the region is caused by the presence of different populations and their different religious beliefs or different cultures. At the same time these different populations also reflect the great potential and rich history of Lebanon. Across the centuries many different populations have lived in Lebanon. They all left cultural treasures behind, like buildings, literature, religion, language and art. A beautiful example of these cultural treasures are the well preserved temples of Baalbeck. Once a year you can visit the Baalbeck International Festival, where you can listen to music from artists around the world, while surrounded by some of the oldest Roman temples.


Apart from the cultural sightseeings this country also has a beautiful nature. The beaches and mountain areas of Lebanon where the Cedar trees grow, are definitely worth a visit. If you take a look at the flag of Lebanon you will see the Lebanon Cedar, the national symbol of Lebanon.

In the mountain areas of Lebanon you will find many modern ski resorts. During summer seasons you can try the challenging hiking trails or go rafting. If you like beach and diving holidays, Lebanon is a good option. You can explore numerous dive sites in Lebanon. Furthermore, when you are on Cyprus, you can enjoy various 3-day cruises to Beirut, Lebanon. Beirut is the capital of Lebanon and here you can enjoy many cultural sightseeings and visit the famous Monot Street at night.