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Introduction Pernambuco Brazil

The state Pernambuco (PE) is one of the 26 states of Brazil and has a total area of 98000 km2. The population of the state is about 8,5 million and most people live in or around the state capital Recife. Pernambuco is a former Dutch and Portuguese colony. The Dutch and Portuguese have fought each other for years to get control of large areas in Brazil. Everywhere in Pernambuco you will find old Dutch and Portuguese colonial style buildings, like Fort Orange on Ilha de Itamaraca.

Between 1630 and 1654 Pernambuco was under control of the Dutch West Indische Compagnie. Johan Maurits van Nassau was the most significant ruler in that period. Under his rule, some important cultural, economic and social changes were implemented. The first synagogue in Latin America (Kahal Zur Israel) is an good example of these changes.


Flag of Pernambuco Brazil

The flag of Pernambuco since 1817
This flag of Pernambuco Brazil was officially taken into use by
governor Manoel Antonio Pereira Borba and contains several symbols.



After the colonial period and the decreasing demand for sugar in the world, the regions’ economy collapsed. The economy of Pernambuco is mainly agricultural with products like: sugar cane, coffee, soja and manioc. Nowadays, Pernambuco (Recife mostly) has a thriving industry with products like: food, metals, electronics and textile. The Port of Recife and Suape Port play an important role for the economy of Pernambuco.


Ilha de Itamaraca beach

Cows at the beach of Ilha de Itamaraca

Climate and Culture

The climate of Pernambuco is tropical and the temperatures never drop below klimaat van Pernambuco is tropisch en de temperaturen komen zelden onder de 23o Celsius (73o Fahrenheit). The state is well known for it’s beautiful beaches, tropical islands, Pernambuco trees (Pau-Brasil), musical influences (frevo), cultural festivities (carnival and Recifolia), and many old colonial style buildings, churches and forts.


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locationmap of Pernambuco state

Pernambuco is a state in the northeast of Brazil.