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Why should anyone travel to Brazil? Brazil is a enormous country with a colourful mix of cultures and a large variety of flora and fauna, like the Amazone, the many tropical islands and beaches, waterfalls like Iguaçu and mountains. Brazil also has many cities with a rich cultural and (colonial) history like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Recife. The country has a lot of tourism destinations, from beach vacations and cultural excursions to jungle expeditions. You can travel Brazil for months without ever seeing the same thing twice.


Flag of Brazil

The national motto of Brazil is written on the flag:
ORDEM E PROGRESSO - Order and Progress


Are you going to travel to Brazil? This travel portal enables you to find all the travel information you need in a short amount of time. Since there’s a lot of online travel information available, we started with providing travel links about Pernambuco state in the northeast of Brazil. Recife, the capital of Pernambuco, is described in detail here. In the future we will add other states and cities.



The Federal Republic of Brazil (República Federativa do Brasil) is the largest country in South America and is independent since 1822. With a size of 8,5 million km2 it’s almost half the size of South America and after Russia, Canada, the United States and China, the largest country in the world. About two-third of the population (184 million) lives in rural areas and the largest city is São Paulo with over 17 million inhabitants. For more statistics about Brazil take a look at the CIA factbook. Look here to view a map of Brazil.



The Brazilian population is a mix of cultures. About 55% of the population is white (Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish), 38% is a mix of white and black, 6% black and 1% with another background (Japanese, Arabic, indigenous people). Everybody who lives in Brazil is considered Brazilian, no matter your background. Al these different cultures brought their own traditions and as a result a you will find the colourful (mulate) Brazilian to be friendly and open for communication with travellers. The Brazilians also like to express themselves in the samba, forro (dance), capoeira (dance / martial arts), carnaval and futebol (football).


With a coastline of almost 8000 km you won’t have any difficulty in finding a nice spot at the beach in Brazil. The more popular beaches like Copacabana in Rio or Boa Viagem in Recife can be overcrowded during high season and Brazilian holidays. Lots of Brazilian people like to visit the beaches a couple of miles outside the big cities.


Beaches in Brazil

Enjoy your beach holiday!
One of the many deserted beaches in Brazil. This is Ilha de Itamaraca in Pernambuco.


With an area of 4 million km2, the Amazone is the world’s largest and most important tropical rainforest. A large part of the Amazone is located in Brazilian states Amazonas, Pará, Amapá, Roirama and Acre. The Amazone continues in other countries: Suriname, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela French Guiana and Guyana. About a million indians live in the Amazone area and even today new tribes are being discovered. The Amazon river (also named Marañon of Solimões) has a total length of 7025 kilometers and the part of Amazon river in Brazil is 3000 kilometer. For more detailed travel information about the Amazon, visit Amazoneweb.


Government, States and Cities
Brazil is divided into 26 states and the capital is Brasilia. You can compare Brasilia with other planned government cities like Canberra in Australia and Putrajaya in Malaysia. The government of Brazil is led by president Inácio 'Lula' da Silva since January 1, 2003. Lula ("squid") is member of the Brazilian Workers’ Party (PT - Partido dos Trabalhadores ).

Travel Preparation

Always read the consular sheet information for Brazil from the US Department of State or the travel advice from the FCO before you book a vacation. These governments provide travel tips and up to date information for tourists on safety and health issues, visa requirements and legislation. You will find more tips on travel in our general travel directory. Look here for links and information about things like passports and visa requirements, translating languages and money.

General Travel Information and Links

Below you will find an overview of Brasil from north to south.

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