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Google Translate is a fast translator for translating words, texts and entire websites from and to several languages. Use their dictionary to find synonyms or meaning of words in another language. The last excellent tool 'Search Results', enables you to find relevant sites in the Google search results of another language (ie: Google Spanish search results), while typing search queries in your own language. Select your own language and the language in which you want to find the result. After submitting the query you will find two columns of search results: one translated version of the results in your language and one column with the original results in the language you wanted to search in. With Google translate tools, you can implement a code on your website that will help your visitors translate your webpages in other languages with one simple click. Google Translate is also integrated with the Google Translation Center. Since this Google translator is fast, it's especially recommended for low-bandwidth / dial-up users. You can translate text from and to:

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English to Chinese (traditional)
English to Dutch
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